Hello World!

Welcome to my little corner of the universe! I’m so glad you’re here!

“Hello, World” is actually not such a bizarre title for a very first blog post, particularly for an ex-computer geek like me. You see, back in the dark ages when I studied programming in college, the typical first program in any computer language had to produce “Hello, World.” I don’t even remember how many languages/classes required this. But since it’s the very first blog post, Hello, World!

My little kitchen desk is where I spend most of my time when I’m at home. I’m lucky to have it in a big, open area so I don’t have to feel isolated from the rest of my family while I fuel my addiction. And at the moment, it’s decluttered; there are days when the piles of random stuff takes over and I can’t find anything.

What helps me keep it all together (or at least, when I SUCCEED in keeping it all together) is my OCD chronic list making trait. I inherited this from my father, and I have so many lists and post-it notes that frequently my desk area looks like that famous scene out of “A Beautiful Mind.” It works for me, particularly now that I’m getting those senior moments.

Why am I doing this blog? Well, it’s cheaper than therapy. But seriously, I have always felt that I express myself best in writing, and I love to keep in touch with people far and near. I’d love to see if people would be interested in what I write, so please do leave comments. Topics will be all over the map – from food, to gardening, to humor, to things that make you just shake your head, you get the picture. I can’t just blog about one topic, that would not reflect who I am and would clearly not reflect any of my ADD tendencies. I’m sure there will be something in there that you’ll find worth reading.

Many thanks to my friend, Kathy Besser of www.dirtandsunshine.com, for helping me get all of this set up (and hosting this site). I really appreciate it!

Take care and hope to talk to you soon,




  1. Sarah Goer says:

    Congrats on starting your blog. I’m excited to read it. I mentioned on FB that I am toying with the idea of starting my own blog and I’ve learned something from you already. I think the timing was great to advertise your blog to your FB friends after having started it a couple weeks ago and already having a number of posts up… easy for us joining you now to read back to the beginning, but more exciting than there being one solo post up when you pointed us at the blog. 🙂

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