August Goals Recap, and September Goals

It’s been an up and down month, which has a direct affect on productivity. But I did manage to make SOME progress around here. I can’t tell you how good it feels to cross some items off my To Do list, this clearly isn’t what normal people do. I’ll take it anyway. One thing that definitely helped with my productivity is setting up a desk area in my younger daughter’s room. I found that trying to do anything useful at my kitchen desk is futile; I am far too distracted with anything and everything around me. So while the Call of Pinterest and Facebook is still audible here in the bedroom, I can resist it a bit more than I could out in the open. And setting up a little area all my own brings me inordinate joy.


Here’s how I fared on the August Goals:

  • Read 2 books.  Surprisingly, I had no trouble with this. Most of my reading tends to occur right before I go to sleep, but it’s been productive.
  • Fix all irrigation problems.  Working on it. Managed to get the emitter issues solved, but then discovered some random patches of wet soil where there shouldn’t have been any.
  • Add mulch to the back rose bed. Deferred until either later on this fall, or more likely after I prune the roses in January. The roses there are doing remarkably well given how little care I have given them this year. My current favorite rose in that bed: Veteran’s Honor. It holds blooms for at least 3 weeks before they show any signs of deterioration. I’m not kidding.
  • Get the carpets cleaned. Scheduled for the 15th. I need to remember to not throw a fit when I see anyone drop food or spill something right after the cleaning occurs.
  • Get skylight film installed. Done, and HIGHLY successful! I should have done this years ago. The difference in temperature and glare in the dining room is unbelievable. I have no doubt whatsoever that my energy bills will reflect this change for the better. LOVE this.
  • Organize and shrink all my digital photos. Working on it. Still consolidating from three different computers.
  • Get on the exercise bike 3 times/week. Epic fail. So what else is new…
  • Update this blog 3 times. Close but no cigar. Hopefully in September.
  • Move photo albums. Done! I even look at them now! Here’s an artifact from a bygone era, just for fun…


Mere words cannot adequately describe how stylish we were in the ’70s.

I am coming to realize that my Monthly Goals List seems to take at least 2 months (if not longer). Then again, my daily To Do lists tend to last about a week. Not a great pattern, but at least I’m aware of it…

So here’s a stab at a realistic list of September Goals:

  • Read 2 books. Should be easy. Currently in the queue are: Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan; Abigail and John, Portrait of a Marriage by Edith B. Gelles; and My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind by Scott Stossel.
  • Finish fixing the irrigation. This really needs to happen a) to save water and b) before the rains come so that I can tell where the holes in the system are.
  • Finish organizing digital photos, and upload to Flickr as another backup (besides the external hard drive). Apparently Flickr lets you have 1 terrabyte of space for free. Such a deal!
  • Exercise bike 3 times/week. Really.
  • Update this blog 3 times, excluding this one. Having a regular schedule would be nice. Maybe I can figure out something analogous to my quilter friends’ “Work in Progress Wednesday” or “Sunday Stash.” Anybody have any suggestions? Even silly ones are welcome!
  • Get Google Analytics and watermarks on photos (and the plug-ins for each) to work for my blog. Sometimes technology is highly irritating.
  • Defrost the freezer. Yes, I stupidly bought a freezer 13 years ago that was NOT frost-free. I was suckered by the salesman who convinced me that with extra moisture the quality of my food would be better. He lied. So I’m stuck doing this at least once a year.
  • Make batches of strawberry and raspberry jam.
  • Get Through the Mending Basket. I have a basket of jeans, undergarments, etc. that need to be patched or put back together. Not nearly as fun as a new sewing project (baby blanket  and Downton Abbey pillows coming in October, among other things!), but it has to be done. Now to unearth the sewing machine….

Any bets on how much of this I get done?