Bowling Ball Garden Art

I’ve become a Pinterest junkie. There are so many great ideas that I can (and have) implemented around the house. I’ve found plants I want to grow, recipes I want to try, lots of words of wisdom to take to heart. But I’m always looking for cheap and easy ways to decorate my house and yard. My latest addition to the family: the sparkly bowling ball!

Pinterest had dozens of ideas of things to do with bowling balls. Most of those ideas involved a fair bit of work. Some even involved a fair bit of expense. Neither work nor expense are part of what I like to do! Here’s what I did:


First, I got a bowling ball. It was free on Craigslist. I couldn’t have actually bowled with this thing, it was too heavy for me. But I could lift it well enough to work with it!


Then I went to the Dollar Store. They had flat back marbles in assorted colors. My bowling ball was red, but I really liked the ocean colors in one of the marble sets. (I got 5 bags.)

I found some silicon adhesive at home; I ended up needing to get another tube. Cost: about $4.

I already had a stand from a gazing ball that broke.



All I did was put a blob of glue on the flat part of each marble, and then stuck the marble on the bowling ball. Then I repeated this process about a zillion times (to cover most of the ball, I just omitted the area right by the prongs of the stand that would directly touch the bowling ball.


Garden art is also a great way to reduce water in your garden; you don’t have to have quite so many plants (which require water) when you can add artwork to the yard!


Cheap, sparkly, and easy. What’s not to love?