Hi, I’m Robin! I live smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley with my husband. My 2 daughters are in the process of flying the coop, so I’m adjusting to the semi-empty nest. I love reading, gardening, cooking, history, political satire, writing, crafts, the occasional stupid reality show, and being around people. I grew up on the east coast just outside Washington, D.C., but have spent most of my adult life here in Northern California. I love both places, but you can’t beat this weather.

I’ve meandered through a variety of careers; I’m a former computer geek. I’ve also done technical writing, and teaching children anywhere from age 2 to 13. I currently have a day job doing writing and customer service. I’m one of those people who notices things – silly things kids say, the ironies of situations, etc. For me, this makes the little things in life constantly interesting. I like to ruminate on things that happen around me. Hence, life is never dull.

Clearly I’m nowhere near perfect; in fact, you may enjoy hearing about the usual mishaps that occur around here. (It’s the reality show syndrome; when you see something bizarre happen to someone else, it makes you feel better about your own life, right?) Will my chronic list-making skills help me get organized, for once in my life? We can only hope…

Thanks so much for visiting, and please keep in touch!



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