August….Some Goal Setting


Inertia often wins in this house. I’ve got a whole encyclopedia of excuses (some of which have actually been perfectly valid). I am famous for starting projects and never finishing them. (I get bored. I’m also starting to think I have a bit of ADD.) Concentration, let alone determination to get a task accomplished, is a really variable commodity. I have two friends who have encouraged me to set goals: Major Julie (who gets a frightening lot done while holding down a full time job and having a menagerie of kids and animals at home), and Sarah from Things I Make. (Sarah manages to quilt/sew, decorate stunningly beautiful cookies, and chase around two amazingly active and articulate children.) I am in awe of what they can accomplish over the course of a day.

So in that spirit, I am going to Make Some Goals for August. These goals reflect all sorts of aspects of my life, like fixing up the house and garden, dealing with my digital nightmares, and getting organized. I figured if I blog about it, you can all hold me accountable if I don’t get ’em done. Plus, I get to make lists, and crossing items off my lists is one of the greatest joys of my life.

So here’s my list of goals for August. I am hopeful that I didn’t bite off more than I can chew. What do you think, am I being realistic?

  • Read 2 books. (Currently checked out of the library: August: Osage County  by Tracy Letts, and Drive by Daniel Pink (who spoke at Sarah’s college graduation and was fantastic). Cookbooks do NOT enter into the 2-books/month equation.
  • Fix all irrigation problems. I’ve mentioned before that dealing with irrigation is the bane of my life. I have several areas in the front yard, and at least 2 in the backyard that have issues. I’ve managed to avoid large water bills by turning off various stations, but even in the front yard (where the water is still ON), I have dying roses. Unacceptable.
  • Add mulch to the back rose bed. This will take a LOT of mulch. But it should help keep the roses hydrated.
  • Get the carpets cleaned. This requires cleaning up huge messes around the house before a steam cleaner can even enter the premises.
  • Get skylight film installed. I am hopeful that this will help our dining room be a comparable temperature to the rest of the house. (It’s currently a LOT warmer.)
  • Move photo albums. We have stored our non-digital photo albums in a server in our dining room. Problem is that when they are located there, nobody looks at them. My “ah-ha” mment occurred when I was at a friend’s house and saw that she had hers on her bookcases. Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe then I can actually enjoy all those photos that I took over the years…
  • Organize and shrink all my digital photos. For some stupid reason, photos taken with an iphone are usually about 2M in size. Ridiculous. I need to shrink them down and then I bet I can backup all my data far more easily. This process will not be trivial. (WHY are they so huge? I need to find an app to shrink them before I transfer them to my computer.)
  • Get on the exercise bike 3 times/week. (I have never managed to have the self discipline to do this on any consistent basis.)
  • Update this blog 3 times (this entry doesn’t count). It’s not like I haven’t had anything to say….

I’m hopeful. And I’m working on nullifying all those excuses that get in the way of my being productive. (And this doesn’t factor in any of the started crafts projects that I really ought to get done, but…there are only so many hours I can potentially waste in a day!)

How do YOU stay engaged in getting things done?

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  1. Sarah Goer says:

    First, I let other things go. If I’m deep into a sewing project we probably have take-out for dinner and my house isn’t so tidy. 😉 Second, prioritize and/or create sub goals (maybe a weekly goal?). I say you should pick three of those for the month… then you can blog about the three things you accomplish and meet your blog goal, too! So, what are you gonna do first?

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