101 Things to Do in 1001 Days – 6 Month Update

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Those of you who know me well know of my pathological need to create lists and cross things off them. This is a trait I inherited from my dad. I come from a long line of list makers, and the rush that I get from crossing items off my To Do lists is indescribable. About 6 months ago, I posted a list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. I figured it was time to report back on what I HAVE been able to accomplish. How am I doing?

Crossed-out text indicates a completed task (some of them have completion dates next to them. Sorry for the inconsistency). Items added in blue are parts or the entirety of sub-lists, which should be fairly apparent. I am hopeful that with the start of the new year, I can make some real headway on the rest. (The holiday season is a total wash that way. I’m lucky if I can get laundry done!)


  1.       Join a book club
  2.       Put together lunch cookbook
  3.       Blog twice a week for 3 months
  4.       Read 35 books
    1.   Still Life with Breadcrumbs
    2.   The Good Luck of Right Now
    3.   Small Victories
    4.   The Invention of Wings
    5.   China Dolls
    6. After the Flood
    7. The Children’s Crusade
    8. Delicious!
  5.       Organize writing samples
  6.       Go through all the blogging pins I’ve saved on Pinterest


  1.    Try 5 new veggies/fruits from the farmer’s market (Romano beans,
  2.    Learn to make dumplings (dim sum)
  3.    Make Cioppino
  4.   Make/can chow chow
  5.   Make a new-for-me cocktail once a month for 12 months
  6.   Make tamales
  7.   Make mozzarella cheese with Elaine


  1.   Go to the Schulz Museum
  2.   Go to the Steinbeck Museum 6/21/15
  3.   Go to the Computer History Museum
  4.   Visit art museum in Santa Clara
  5.   Visit the Jewish Museum in SF
  6.   Visit the DeYoung museum
  7.   See 3 concerts (Kelly Clarkson/Pentatonix,
  8.   See 5 local bands play live (Sage, Ric Hines and the Ones, Tortilla Soup, OTR, Misspent Youth )


  1.   Host a tapas party
  2.   Host a sushi dinner party
  3.   Host a dinner for cul-de-sac neighbors
  4.   Host a paella party
  5.   Organize VRS reunion


  1.   Do one really well executed push up
  2.   Walk a 10K for charity
  3.   Squat and balance on balls of feet and then stand up again
  4.   Learn Spanish (conversational)
  5.   Learn to swim (better)
  6.   Learn to jump a car battery
  7.   Learn to use a power drill
  8.   Try all the workouts I’ve saved on Pinterest
  9.   Take another archery class
  10.   Finish a crossword puzzle
  11.   Learn to play Charlie Brown song on the piano


  1.   Try 4 new restaurants in SF
  2.   Go to Passport Day in the Santa Cruz Mountains
  3.   Visit Alice’s Restaurant
  4.   Explore places from Hwy 17 book
  5.   Tour the Recycling Center
  6.   Go to a wine/painting class (11/22/15)
  7.   See the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo
  8.   Explore a garden I’ve never been to
  9.   Romantic dinner at Bella Vista (closed)
  10.   Try 5 new restaurants with new-to-me ethnicities Belgian (Mussel Bar) (Burmese? Moroccan? Ethiopian? Nepalese?


  1.   Plan Napa or Sonoma weekend
  2.   Have a romantic dinner in Paris with LJ
  3.   Implement Napa or Sonoma weekend
  4.   Plan a road trip on Route 66 with Margo


  1.   Consolidate all digital photos onto one computer
  2.   Back up all digital photos onto external hard drive
  3.   Back up all digital photos onto Flickr
  4.   Create yearly photo albums (snapfish?)
  5.   iPhone photo course
  6.   Learn iPhone editing software
  7.   Get all files off rosebridge and onto laptop
  8.   Update LinkedIn profile
  9.   Get all blog plugins to work properly


  1.   Make a table runner for the 4th of July
  2.   Make a table runner for Spring
  3.   Make a table runner for Valentine’s Day
  4.   Learn to use serger
  5.   Make backyard travel signage
  6.   Finish ancient embroidery project


  1.   See the Penguins play in person (12/1/15)
  2.   See the Orioles play in person again
  3.   See a soccer game in person


  1.   Sand down/refurbish deck
  2.   Get serial numbers off 2 fans and contact Casablanca
  3.   Clean out closets
  4.   Look into Vonage versus Magicjack
  5.   Get rid of swing set and old stairs 6/11/15
  6.   Investigate laundry to landscape (greywater) Currently not cost cost effective
  7.   Investigate rainwater irrigation for rose garden
  8.   Redo corner of the yard
  9.   Create outdoor movie space
  10.   Get a dust buster for the living room


  1.   Watch Breaking Bad
  2.   Watch Game of Thrones
  3.   Watch House of Cards
  4.   Watch Orange is the New Black
  5.   See all academy award nominees before the 2016 awards
  6.   Watch a TED talk
  7.   Watch 5 documentary films
  8.   Find and watch 5 televised concerts (Pete Townshend’s Quadrophenia,


  1.   Perform 10 random acts of spoilage
  2.   Donate blood
  3.   Find large print word searches for Mom 7/14/15


  1.   Replace the zipper pulls on all the luggage
  2.   Trying using a diffuser at night (10/29/15)
  3.   Fix pearl earrings    
  4.   Find the most ridiculously named nail polish and try it (Hands Off My Kielbasa)
  5.   Bake cookies with friends’ kids
  6.   Get a new bathing suit 6/1/15
  7.   Send in 23 me test 6/15/15
  8.   Find a new board game to play
  9.   Do some genealogical research (talk to cousins Alan and David)
  10.   Create a flower arrangement a month for 6 months


101.Attend Friday night services twice a month for 3 months  

So what do you think? How are you coming with YOUR To Do lists? Got any suggestions for how I can make better headway on these? I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Mira D says:

    You are very brave to post a list. I wonder if you might ask a few friends to commit to helping you with them — either they could pick something or you suggest which ones you’re targeting (for instance, I could easily suggest a TED talk for you and check back to see what you thought about it…). Again, I am not so sure I could put my languishing to-do list out there…but you’re giving me some perspective…hmmm. Thanks!

    • Robin says:

      Absolutely! I put the list out there for accountability purposes. It’s WAY too easy to let things slide through the cracks. For example, I started the Ancient Embroidery Project before Sarah was born! And I have many years worth of digital photos to deal with. The beauty of the list is that I have literally years to complete it, and if I don’t, c’est la vie. It’s not a life and death matter.

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